You will find Him in the morning.

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I remember a night, I was so frustrated with myself; spiritually tired, spiritually drained, and deeply affected by my insecurities.  As soon as I was done crying, something led me to open up the bible and the first thing I had opened to was Psalm 139.  I read it out loud, with a strange feeling that all I needed to know, and the ‘something’ I was eager to hear was found in those words.  It felt like I had someone reading it back to me, and by the end, I noticed that everything I had allowed to steal my joy was silenced in God’s complete knowledge and care of me.

It is the comfort, and peace that I had felt after reading Psalm 139, which motivated me to share.   Moments of confusion, or feeling unsettled is not of God.  Feeling insecure, and unworthy is not of God.  Feeling worried, anxious or afraid is not of God.  I learnt/learning that when I focus my attention to God – e.g., in prayer, in thought, and in acts of faith – I will find that God is right where I needed Him to be, always in my moment.   I also learnt, that the devil comes to steal what I have – What do you have?  If it’s a joyful spirit that you have and all of sudden you haven’t got it… then think about what is happening in your life (situations, people, bad habits) that could be stealing that away from you.


Dear Lord,

May we find it in our tired spirits, or busy thoughts to stop trying to solve our own problems, and let it go.  May You help us to find ways of letting go, and resting in the promise of Your Word.

May we always remember that You know us better than we know ourselves.  May we find contentment and comfort in believing that we are precious to You, we are better than our challenges, and capable of moving forward.





Good morning!

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Good morning Jesus…

Despite the chaos in our world, the difficulty in our situations, or moments we have fallen to our challenges … There is still so much to be thankful for! 

I found my self in the stillness of You, and realised again that I am loved by the King of Kings, adored by The Creator! I remembered that in me You have created a Masterpiece!  

Please guard my thoughts, and protect my heart, always! 

I love you. 


Ngakuru, New Zealand


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Susie Larson

Heaven went bankrupt. 

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When God sent His son to die for us, it wasn’t to excuse sin.  God loved us so much He did so, to save us from the pain and burden of sin.  ‘Heaven went bankrupt’ to get us out of the pitfalls of the hardest parts of this life. We are saved! That’s something to rejoice in, But… We  can’t use that to excuse us from what is right and what is good. 

The cross is the reminder of our worth! Heaven gave everything; The fullness of love was poured into us in the hopes that it would be sufficient enough to turn us away from sin and choose Love.  The cross is the reminder that YOU were worth it! It’s a statement to anything that’s ever hurt you, cheat you, consume you, or break you. A statement that God has conquered! 

The cross doesn’t take the sin away. Believing that Jesus died for You doesn’t make the temptations to sin disappear. Every day tests our spirits, so it’s going to be a fight to turn away from something you know doesn’t sit right with you. However, turning away from sin is part of the sacrifice that is needed to be the best version of yourself! 

God is so Real and He is Living. Living in your moment, right where you are now! Remember that. 

God Bless! 🙏🏼

“she took her eyes off God, and focussed on the details… “

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Have you ever thought you had dropped, or lost something important only to find that it was sitting in front of you the whole time? Or, have you ever stressed over something that ended up not being worth the fuss?

“She turned her eyes off God, and focussed on the details” refers to the way I approached my journey.  I started to look so deep into trying to figure out God and  understand His ways that I ended up only pursuing my own desires.  My expectations of whatever situation I faced ended up outweighing Gods way – I ended up disappointed every time. 

Trying to figure it all out leads to confusion. Confusion leads to frustration. Frustration makes you impatient. Impatience makes you careless. Then when everything is at its boiling point, you’re left tired, not motivated, lazy, and vulnerable – vulnerable to the devil and his ways to distract you from the main focus: that’s God! 

As I reflect over Psalm 30 i imagine what it must of been like to be the psalmist being in that moment of full dependance.  I start to appreciate the joy the psalmist has in Gods faithfulness. As if the psalmist knew  God had to be the only answer, the only True Helper; And For that reason, He is to be exalted, and trusted. 

I’ve learnt that if you have to know the answer, try off-loading to God first, and then someone you really trust so you get their input for clarity.  Praise God that He is so amazing, no matter how distracted we become, His intervention when it’s needed comes instantly by Grace. 

God bless! 

He is sufficient.

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At a time when I allowed my own strength and ability get me through God pressed on me Isaiah 46: 4, (conveniently on the morning I turned 23)

New King James Version (NKJV)

Even to your old age, I am He,
And even to gray hairs I will carry you!
I have made, and I will bear;
Even I will carry, and will deliver you

Following God as our main purpose and priority in life is not easy.   At some point in time, it’s going to be hard to stay true to faith over what we can see or understand.   That’s because in the world and culture we live in, we have the enemy convincing us that where we are now is not temporary, that there is no such thing as ‘a heaven’, no opportunity to see God face to face.  Satan has us thinking that Jesus can only be enough momentarily; that God can only loves us when we’re good, that God can’t  be the answer to everything.

The life and suffering of Jesus is a proof of Isaiah 46: 4.  In other biblical versions  the word ‘sustain’ is used in the verse. To sustain something is to nourish, to support, to strengthen.  To sustain something can also mean ‘to undergo, or suffer’.   God sent Jesus, who not only provided a solution through life,  He sent Jesus to also sustain our sufferings, sustain the worst of it on our behalf.  Jesus bears the pains of sin, carries the weight of our failures so that we live to freedom – that’s deliverance: the act of being rescued, or ‘set free’.


God is sufficient. He is enough.

Hope you’ve had a very blessed Easter Celebration!

God Bless!


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Father in Heaven, 
Thank you for the moments during the day where I find myself needing you, no matter the situation, Your arms are always outstretched! Please help me to see past my second-guessing, expectation and gain. Take away the things that I am holding onto the most so that by Your Grace I remember that You are more than enough. In the times I easily forget, remind me of what there is to be thankful for.  
Forgive me Jesus for when I had gone wrong. Forgive me for when I have replaced You. As quick as you are to show Forgiveness towards me, please help me to forgive others. 

Take this day as Your own, and if I come face-to-face with the enemy’s attempt to turn me away from You, guard my heart so that I take my stand in You who has already overcome All things! 

In Jesus’ name! 


McLaurin Chapel, University Of Auckland