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Suffering joyfully.

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I love this pic I found on the net. I love it because It reminds me of my hard days. Those really down days we all face, where you’ve held the faith for what seems like really long, then more challenges are piled and you’re left thinking…. Why? Then just when you think everything’s going down hill… God pulls through with what seems like an overflow of blessing.

It’s funny how God works sometimes to make me understand what it is meant by suffering joyfully. Just last week I found myself trying to fight the tears as I stood at a bus stop and had to listen as an old man (who I’m assuming wasn’t all there mentally) verbally abused me and started yelling out racial remarks. Believe it or not, it didn’t hurt me. I knew he was ill. And because of the type of nurse I’m wanting to be when I graduate I figured, ‘thanks Lord, I probably need to practice blocking it out. And not letting it get to me.”.… What actually bruised me was how pretty tired I was with how the day was going anyway. A few hours earlier I had to deal with pretty difficult people, so my day was already challenging…. I was fighting the tears because I had asked God earlier to turn my day around yet just as I was ready to go home that all had to happen.
Felt like everything was getting worse and worse. Athough I knew God was covering me, I struggled trying to fight back the devil trying to stir up and manipulate my emotions so that I could find a reason to blame God and doubt.


My situation wasn’t the first time I’ve felt that way, and definitely was not the first time I endured hardship. In fact, hardship occurs daily and to everyone. But why do we experience pain? And why is it that some people, no matter how much devotion is done, still face challenges….. And why would God encourage us to keep believing and to stay strengthened in the toil of our resilience?


It’s sometimes hard to explain ‘suffering’ because God has His reasons that are different for everyone. What’s important to remember is that we experience pain for the better of ourselves.
For a child to know what is wrong, they need to be disciplined. In order to know Good, we need to know what is bad. It’s sort of the same thing. Pain is endured because it builds us to be better people, to build the Character of Jesus in us. It is purposeful.

But one might ask; then why do I continue to Pray for a break though and more challenges still come my way? To me it’s sort of the same thing as trying to teach a child how valuable obedience is. Just as a parent won’t award a child a lolly for every time they walked in the room, God won’t hand us what we pray about until His timing is right,  and we have come to see the value of believing that he can Answer every prayer,  and that basically He is all we need.  Tusting in God means that we endure pain, we endure hurt, and live with struggle because WE KNOW that what awaits us at the end is more than what we expected. Better than what we thought we wanted, and more amazing than how we put it all together in our minds.


Suffering joyfully means that there’s no excuse for self-pity or feeling like nothing can be achieved. It also doesn’t mean that God expects that we walk 24/7 with fake smiles and pretentious joy. Suffering joyfully is believing that God will never give us what we can’t handle. It means that, if we seek Him diligently we will be able to notice that He has equipped us fully. Not to go endure hardship ourselves, but to realise that He WANTS us to hand over our suffering, and allow for Him to take it all

I’m going off on a tangent as I do with my blogs lol but what I think is important to know is this:

If you’re in a situation right now that is really really tiring you out. You’ve prayed over it, or if youre not religious,  and you’ve tried all you could to make things right. Things seem to be moving slow, and strength is what you need at the moment.  Remember that all myseries can be  stripped in the initiating of prayer and faith. One of my favourite verses in the bible is in 2 Corinthians: 12


Faith in pain and Hope through suffering is not a band-aid solution, it’s a promise that if you can just find it in you to wait on God; you’re reward will be greater.

If you’re feeling like a change, start now. Delight in anything that is disheartening.

This idea of suffering is so vast and so many people have beautiful ways of explaining it. My way of coming to understand this all and blog about it, came because when I faced some of the worst situations in my life, it took the depths of me to say: “Yes Lord, I surrender it all.” – I didn’t need to have tons of faith for it, but saying those words seemed to be enough for God to work and change things for me!

Some songs that initiate things for me:

Israel Houghton or Cece Winans: I surrender all.
And when you want empowerment lol Cece Winans: Waging War!

So many other songs of encouragement by the way not just those two lol let me know if you have any! 🙂

Love can be experienced and Joy is new joy is new each day!  Believe it! God Bless x