Month: November 2014

Good morning.

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Dear Jesus,

Before I start the day, thank you for watching over me, and my family as we slept. We have the chance to sleep off yesterday’s happenings, worries, burdens, mistakes, misfortunes, missed opportunities….. But you. You stay awake and present at every moment of the day and night. Because while we are resting off whatever happened yesterday, you are taking away the heaviness of it all, so when we awake….our load won’t be as heavy for when we need to start over.

Unlike us, you can’t take breaks to sleep or rest… You are constantly at work for us, and for the many millions of people around the world; believer and even non-believer.

I take You for granted Lord because it’s easy to. I  forget to thank you sometimes because if I don’t see change physically, then I need to be reminded.

I thank you Lord for a new day! A new beginning! Even if the devil tempts me to see this day as the same as yesterday, I know it’s not Because you promised that every day is a different day, and joy is new each morning!

If I struggle to see this joy you speak of Lord, then use other people to remind me that You are walking the day -behind me, picking up the pieces
Before me, preparing a road for blessing. And next to me, carrying the load made of my own troubles.

So use me today Lord if that’s all I can do to. To Love those who come into my path today,  and Glorify You!

Amen x