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Like children…

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Wanted to share something quickly before the week started.  About a week ago I decided that I wanted to make some bold lifestyle changes.  Decided that instead of trying to figure out the ‘how, what if’s and when’ that I was going to try my best to leave my desires in God’s hands.  Must admit, it is so hard. It’s so hard to remain faithful when you see that nothing is moving, and especially hard when all you are wanting are answers. I totally get it, if you’re someone like me who thinks and thinks.. lol I understand how faith testing it is not knowing.

Thankfully God stopped me in my steps and said that faith is suppose to be child-like.    At the age of 3 or 5 a child has no clue about the rest of the day, or weeks ahead… as far as they are concerned, it’s all about living in the moment, mum or dad had the next step figured out; children trust without questioning.   I wanted to share that when I decided to be a kid at heart and expect of God instead of expecting of myself, I began to see that actually, things were already moving; God was doing all that was needed.

Someone I care for so much told me she had got bad news about her health.  Instead of worrying about whether she was going to be healed, or how much of life she had  left to live… she said with a huge smile “I fully resign to the Will of God. He know’s what is best for me”

Hope her words inspire you today, as much as it does for me!

God Bless


Good Morning!

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Dear Jesus,

Thank you for a brand new day! Thank you for all that has been and done yesterday! Thank you for this chance to come before You…

For so many people yesterday was filled with suffering in the form of injustice, war, and violence – for them, I pray that you send someone on Your behalf to reassure them that You are a God of love, the reason for hope, and true Salvation!

At times I struggle to understand why there is so much devastation in the world, why innocent lives are lost, why war exists… in those times I remember that You can not control our will to live righteously, it hurts You to see those You love so much turn away from You.  As much as I struggle to accept sometimes, I understand that You have given us the duty to love all our neighbours, even if their sin is the cause of so much war, and evil.

Humble me Jesus, remind me Lord that I walk alongside a nation that is equal in Your eyes; we are all sinners, and I am no different.  Even though it gets hard to pray for those who bring about war, for those who do things that cause misery; I know now that we need to in order for there to be peace… their will to act needs to be handed over to You – if loving them requires that we pray for them, may Your Will be done.

Thank You Jesus for this realisation.



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That time of year again #lentseason! It’s a really important time for me and one I come to appreciate as the years go on.  .From what I know, the lent season and the whole Easter celebration ( from Ash Wednesday until Easter) is the most important time in the liturgical calender for some Christian denominations.  Lent season acknowledges the time when Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert .  Those who take part in lent are encouraged to fast, repent, sacrifice so like Jesus in the desert, we abandon ourselves to the things that get in the way from needing and depending on God.    Jesus was driven by the spirit to the desert where he had abandoned everything; including food and water.  It’s in the story told by Matthew 4: 1-11, Satan appeared to Jesus to tempt him, but Jesus refused each temptation; declaring the spirit of discipline and weakness.

So for 40 days and nights starting from Ash Wednesday to Easter, those who participate in lent are encouraged to fast.  Most people fast on all the foods/drink they normally indulge in- for some it’s meat, junk food, alcohol, chocolate etc .  People are encouraged to sacrifice, – give up something that will increase your prayer time, increase the time you spend alone with God.  For some people, it’s social media, it’s an addictive hobby, some people I know give up an attitude or a habit.  The point of giving up these things, is so that we increase our alone time God, we get to know ourselves, our weaknesses… it’s a chance to allow for spiritual restoration.

I’ve always believed that lent shouldn’t be done just for the sake of it, lent should be a choice you make because you genuinely and utterly desire the time of abandonment with God.  I’ve always been told that if you give something up during lent, give it up with delight.  No broadcasting of what you’ve decided to give up, no sour faces during the six weeks, no complaining… do it in secret

17“But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face 18so that your fasting will not be noticed by men, but by your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you. ‘ Matthews 6: 17-18.

I remember someone saying to me that Lent isn’t suppose to be a one-hit wonder, some people who participate are, as they say, ‘only good for ’40 days and 40 nights’ … but that’s why it’s important that if you decide to participate, that it’s done with a heart so genuine that you KNOW by FAITH that on Easter, or when you’ve completed the lent season, you come out changed, renewed, restored.  IN saying that. some people go back to resuming what they were like before lent… but hey, it’s a personalized journey with God… anything can happen spiritually.

I understand there are many Christians who don’t participate, and have reasons that are completely understandable and personal to their own relationship with God.If you were encouraged and you’re going to try it out, I hope that it all goes well for you! I mean, the journey isn’t a perfect one, I’ll vouch for that lol ….I can remember the many times in between where I gave in and ate the chicken, or I fall countless times… but that’s the beauty of the journey Give it your best, be determined to refuse the temptation as Jesus did in the desert…. but if, for your own reason’s ‘s you give in, or whatever happens, remember the kind of Lord our God is! He see’s your will, and your heart…but loves unconditionally.

Have a very blessed Lent season!

God Bless x`

Valentines day.. ;)

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I was curious about Valentines Day and how it all started and interestingly enough, I found out that Valentines Day was first celebrated by Christians.  Back in the Roman days a guy named Valentine was prosecuted and tortured trying to fight for Christian marriages.  He believed in Christian marriage and tried to marry soldiers but the Emperor was angered by this because he felt soldiers who were single were more stronger. Cute though… the emperor must of known that males are weak to the knees to the power of love haha the power of it, oh goodness.

But anyway, Valentines in NZ isn’t celebrated as much as it is celebrated In somewhere like the U.S. Maybe it’s because people out her in NZ aren’t so open about it. or maybe being lovey dovey is private, sensitive thing for the people out here… or maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about so I better stop lol.

Even though I don’t know a whole lot about relationships, I think the celebration of valentines is a beautiful thing.  Sometimes I think it’s more of a celebration for the female counterpart lol but hey, it is what it is.. hehe This year for valentines I randomly found myself spending it with God.  Randomly because, like every year I forget, no joke.. I didn’t plan to be up and reading His word, enjoying some alone time with God, and it wasn’t until I started praying the first thing that came to mind was ‘Happy Valentine’ hahaha sort of funny when I think back now. I kinda delight in realising that I got to spend the first few hours of Valentines with God… even though for my own reasons, I can’t ever say ‘Happy Valentines Jesus’ it doesn’t sit right with me, but I don’t have anything against Christians who say it, honestly lol

Anyways, for the fact that it was Valentines two days ago (NZ time)I wanted to post up this spoken word a friend of mine shared with me a while back.  I want to write about godly relationships one day, but I don’t know if I know enough about it yet to share publicly.  But watch this, it shares so much truth.  Ultimately though, I believe that when it comes to finding ‘the one’, God should be the start and end.  I love that the desire to find ‘him’ or ‘her’ brings people before God.  It’s a special and really important desire God placed in our hearts, and I believe that if any girl or guy seek that type of union, it should be done the proper way… in the hands of God who defines Love 🙂 So tempted to go on another tangent about this but I won’t… lol have an awesome day today! Happy belated Valentines and thanks for reading! (oh and thank you Brent Rice for  the creativity of you have with words that inspire other people to get to know a love like God’s… even though I’m not sure if he’s reading this hahaha thank you)

God Bless x

Let it be…

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hehe not too sure if people who blog start with a Hi, but anyway… haha I actually don’t know what I want to add in this post.  I started off writing a post on ‘names’ earlier, half way through it I stopped and prayed over it… only cause everything I post or do with the blog I want God to direct for me… after I prayed about it I was almost at the end of that post when out of the blue, the screen closed haha I hadn’t saved a thing.  Luckily though, when I opened up wordpress it had automatically saved my work… but I took that random close-down as a way of letting me know that what I had intended to post probably had a divine timing another day, just not today haha

Instead please read and then re-read the piece by Michael Spencer that I will add at the end of my post. This was an entry from the Word for Today app I had mentioned a few blog posts earlier, and it has to be one of my favourite piece of writing.  I’ll let it speak for itself.

But before I let Michael Spencer’s amazing words end my entry lol, I hope you have a blessed week! I hope you get bombarded with challenges, and suffering haha because remember, it’s through suffering we are strengthened in faith, and it’s when we are challenged and weak that we are strong 😉

God Bless x

‘There is one…mediator between God and men…Jesus.’ 1 Timothy 2:5 KJV

Michael Spencer writes: ‘The truth that Jesus is the one mediator between God and human beings knocked me to the floor and suspended me over the truth that God had done all things necessary for my salvation. He had paid the debt and become the necessary sacrifice. He had loved me to the uttermost. He had given all this to me as a gift. I had nothing to do but simply stop ignoring His gift and receive it. I was a drowning man whose rescue depended on stopping all efforts to swim and trusting someone who was not going to make me a better swimmer, but who would drown in my place. This experience…demolished the idea that I could be anything other than what I was: a broken, sinful, wounded, failing, hurting human being… To try to make myself presentable or acceptable made me less capable of receiving the simple gift of Jesus’ mediation on my behalf. Jesus was not clearing the road so that I could ride victoriously through life. He was becoming the road that would carry me through all the garbage, falls, failures and disasters that were the inevitable results of my existence. In trying to make myself lovable, I had been distancing myself from true love. In pretending to be a leading candidate for the religious life, I was abandoning the life of grace. In seeking to be a good Christian, I was deserting the truth that there is no Gospel for good Christians, because the Lamb of God was nailed to an altar for those who are not good, and who are no good at pretending to be good.’

Good Morning

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Dear Jesus,

Thank you for a brand new day and everything in it that you have prepared as part of your plans for me.

Thank you for reminding us in Matthews 6; 25-34 that we only need to worry about today and nothing more; not for tomorrow or even the day after that.  Thank you  Jesus for that hope and that reassurance that any day after this is in the hands of a God who gave Moses the power to free captives, the same God who told Noah to build an ark, and the same God who instructed Abraham.

Therefore I ask Lord, that you equip us for today.  Give us enough to handle all that comes with the Joy you promised each morning.

Even if today you hand us some challenges, help us to remember that those are difficult graces that are all part of our journey to freedom.

 Even if today we fall, help us to remember that you are a Merciful Lord, the Creator of second chances.

 If today we don’t feel like getting up, help us to remember that there is a whole day you have already planned…there are places you need us to be in, people we need to meet and things that need to be done to become the things we desire to be.

Equip us for today Jesus.  Give us our daily bread, enough for us to claim the peace and Joy you promise will await the moment we are back in our beds and ready for what happens next..,

I’m not sure what today has in store, but I will gladly accept whatever it is you have planned.

I love you.

Amen x