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Beauty from ashes ♥

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Know your worth

You are precious and God treasures you! You want to know why? He made YOU in His image.  Can you take a minute to grasp that for a bit? – The Creator of Life. The definition of Love. The one whose Glory is defined as a radiation beyond gems, the giver of Life whose majesty transcends creation itself, has said that you are made in His image (Genesis 1: 27)
  Let that sink in. because that my friend, put’s a value on your life, your whole being.  Don’t let the world rob you of how magnificently precious You are.  Be you. Don’t pursue your insecurities, because Our God makes no mistakes.
  Comparison is a thief. You lack nothing short of the way God has creatively formed You from birth.
You are His dwelling place 🙂

Just a little side note (or maybe a long one, lol). When there is ever I time I feel  like I need a pick-me-up, I ask God to show me something beautiful.  I kid you not, I end up seeing a flower, randomly.  So, when your heart needs it, ask God to show you something beautiful.  I’ll push it to the next level of cliché and ask you to look into the mirror, but then again, I know that doesn’t work for everyone haha, so trust God to show You something. Then put on your faith-glasses (lol), and let whatever that is, engrave.

Have a good weekend!


God + me.

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You have to know something about me to understand why I take random events, or things that appear out of nowhere, really serious.   I struggle to ask for help, and so I have a tendency to solve matters, esp personal to me, myself.  My family and friends over the years have continued to help me open up more, and slowly (…but consistently lol) I am learning to be okay with being vulnerable, and openly weak .  I think God is totally understanding about it, He realises that I need a bit of help so I am convinced that He’s gifted me this ability to see the beauty and significance in the ‘randomness’ of things or insignificance of it.  So when I share something about what someone else has done, what I’ve come across, or experienced, don’t think that I say it just because, lol truly guys, it doesn’t have to be captivating to you, but wow,… it is so captivating to me.  #okayenoughGiovanna  #lol

..I am convinced God knew I’m the worst at investing proper time to watch a sermon, lol but man it’s true when people say that if God needs you, He’ll chase you, haha.  And if you have kept up with the last two posts I did, You’ll see that God is definitely chasing me in terms of helping me appreciate, learn and have engraved on my mind and heart, His love for me, as oppose to mine, for Him..  So I’m going to post this sermon up that found me this morning (lol), right before I was about to go about the day 🙂

It’s just as funny as it is true haha..

Have a good day!

How do you know God loves you?

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The same way I came to know about this song, is how I hope you recieve this post 🙂

.   I remember a couple of weeks ago I was so spiritually weak, I felt frustrated with God.  I saw everything at a stand-still, and I saw nothing moving, no change.  My frustration was in God because I couldn’t see what He was doing with me and what He needed me to do, or even, where He was taking me.  So I asked Him, ‘Lord, I can’t say much to you right now, because I don’t know what to say.  Please reveal to me something…” And right away, I heard a noise at the TV and I turned it on to a pastor who asked His congregation: “Do you, really know, how much God loves you?  When I tried to answer the question, the only way I knew how to, was according to my knowledge of scripture, and to my own understanding.  But, there in my attempt to answer, I realised; I didn’t quite know, and I felt God tell me that in order for my faith to work, I need to focus not on how much I loved God, but on how he loved me.   But in my mind, how was He going to do that!?  …..

I can’t answer that question right now because there’s more to this than I’m understanding.  But ever since I allowed myself to rest in Him, He has shown me;  so far, in the changes I’m seeing, in the peace I’m feeling, what I had posted about in the previous post I wrote, and now, in the confirmation of the song shared by my friend- who probably didn’t know before she shared it that it would inspire me to share this.  It’s amazing, how alive things become when you see God in everything.  Even if You are someone who is going through a rough time right know, and this is the last thing you want to read, I encourage you; without making you sweep your problems under the mat, get on your knees and trust in your struggle! I posted in some earlier posts, that suffering joyfully meant that you believe that God cannot give more than what you can handle.  I still believe He doesn’t, when it’s in His strength that you tackle your suffering.  But, now, after my own fair share of problems lol, I also believe that God gives you more than what you can handle, not because He’s a mean God who demands that you do things a certain way in order to experience His love, but because He needs You at the weakest, in the moments where you are frustrated with Him, or lost, or empty.

So thankful I got to hear this song! Let the words soak you in a bit. If someone asks you why you believe in Jesus, why you believe in the Bible, you tell them the reason that has made you lay your life down.  You tell them about the moment you got on your knees because when you had nothing left, God came and swept you up from any shame, abuse, lies, insecurity, temptation, guilt, confusion or loneliness.  If they ask you, but how can you prove that our God is living?  don’t give them words if you don’t have any, show them through the way you do life or hope to live life according to the gospel.  Whilst you feel you have nothing to show for it, God is soo merciful that even the worst of sinners, He’s allowed into His kingdom!!

(As you can probably tell, this song has really spoken to me, lol, thanks Sonia!!! :D)

Have a good rest of the week! God Bless!

This new beginning. :)

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A personal reflection for this post.  Feeling  a whole lot of emotions, experiencing heaps this week and last.    I asked God for something new to change up the journey a little, for some new challenges, and He did just that.  Easter Monday, I was sitting in aisle alone waiting for church to start, and a couple that I had never seen comes sit right up next to me.  I was blown away with the total randomness of the mysterious couple, who took hold of my hand during a prayer, then hugged me like a familiar friend.  Wanted to speak to them after church but I couldn’t find them.  I know it was God, who used this couple to reassure me of the journey I’m travelling, giving me the peace I needed to go with Jesus in this season.

I’m totally thankful to God for this whole week in general.  For some reason after Easter he’s turned me into a softy, lol because I’ve cried randomly more often than usual.  It’s not that normal for me to cry, I’m usually a softy by personality, but try to make me cry, and I probably won’t.  But this time, in particular, I’ve seen a light in the most unusual things; a lady’s smile, writing, just sitting still lol, watching my nieces and nephews… I’m thinking: well okay God, I’m thirsty for You but I sorta need my tears haha…what if it’s Jesus who is thirsty for me?  Wanting me to experience this love, this confidence that He’s in every moment of every day…

Anyway, just out of the blue.  I feell like sharing that I just watched the movie ‘Home’, the kids movie that has recently been released.  I’m on and off with watching movies, again, like reading books, I’m sort of ‘those’ people; I’ll watch when it stands out to me (lol -_-) indecisive in the sense. But anyhow.. it was the Home movie  I watched when I took my ‘kids’ to the movies, lol… turns out, it’s an amazing watch.  It’s funny, and fun, at the same time, portrays so beautifully the significance of friendship, love that comes from it and family.  It portrays hope, and the hope that comes from mistakes… hehe sorta really passionate about this right now haha  but do watch, iif it “stands out’ to you… haha But where was I going with this? lol

I watched this movie coincidentally after a week of being bombarded with family, but even more so, just as my brother departs the country to venture on.  Me and my siblings are so close, it’s annoying lol, it’s the first ever time we’ve been separated with this distance, and I’m almost, slightly heart-broken that we won’t be all in the same room for a long time, but there’s actually something beautiful about what God has shown me, just now actually.  I feel like God’s breaking comfort zones for me, for my family… big comfort zones, ones that I didn’t want broken, ones that I didn’t feel need to be broken… but God says… “Giovanna, I gave you a spirit of power, love, and self-control, not one of fear” (2 Tim 1: 7), I’ve equipped all those who trust me with my strength (Phillipians 4: 13), and there are times when what I will do will go beyond your own understanding (Proverbs 3: 5-6); TRUST ME. I have the plans that will prosper you, give you a future, one of hope (Jeremiah 29: 11-14)…”

I’m still, and I’m rested that Jesus is taking me, my family, my situations, to places I can’t see, but my faith does.  Jesus resurrected in our lives, and comes to me through people, in the unexpected events of my day… and I can’t help but boast not of my love for Christ, but His for me,for us.   I’m  so thankful God, so so so thankful.

Hopefully that offers encouragement to keep you fighting the good fight! Have a good weekend!  God Bless!!

p.s dont know if you read this Marcellus, but just in case you secretly do, I miss you soo much! It’s hard to not have you here, but Im  excited for you!! I hope to get the courage some day to step out of the comforts of the good  we got here, like you… but until then, don’t forget God’s leading with You.  His love strengthens Your path, so all the best with this break through! Love you so much!!

Good Morning and Happy Easter!

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When i thought I knew what love meant, You came into my life  and You changed that for me.

You showed me life, and love, even when my heart was everywhere but in You.

You took my suffering, you’ve carried my baggage, you’ve mended me….

It took me a while to see…. You. Fought. For. Me  …..

Thank you for fighting the battle on my behalf; for loving me in more ways I’ve yet to understand.

Thank You for wearing a crown that bleeds and scars, to win my heart.

For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are Yours.