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More than conquerors.

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Just got back from an awesome fundraiser concert with the theme ‘More than conquerors” based on the verse Roman 8: 37-39

Amongst all the entertainment, I was so encouraged by a speaker who shared his testimony.  I probably shouldn’t share too much of his testimony, but what touched me the most was when he shared that before he gave his life to God he was an atheist who hated Christians.  He had every answer to debate anything a Christian person would tell him about what they believed.  There was a moment in his life when he had lost everything; his friends, his livelihood.  Of all that let him down and disappointed him God came through for him, even though He could see his heart, He never failed to remind this guy that He loved him, and wasn’t prepared to leave him.  “I don’t care to be financially prosperous, I don’t care about being successful, I don’t care about fame, I was nothing, and I become someone through Jesus Christ!” –

He said something like “Jesus loves us to death, literally” and as he said that I kept thinking… gosh, every time I feel inadequate, or anytime I become overwhelmed with a fear of failure all I need to do is put on the armour of Jesus and keep reminding myself that He loved us to His death.  What will defeat that?…    I am guarded by a Lord who will never let me walk the valley alone – Psalm 23: 4.

I feel like sharing this to encourage anyone who feels that they are inadequate of God, and those who feel that they are less than able.   God does NOT disappoint, and He will not fail you.  We are all equally loved by Him, there is no such thing as being ‘more blessed’ or ‘not being good enough’.   Don’t let go of Him through things of the world that will not last long, and will never satisfy.  We are more than conquerors because God so loved the world, He became man, He was crucified, He died and He resurrected –

So on this… stay positive! Have a conversation with Him today!

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– ‘He cannot ravish. He can only woo’

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‘The enemy wants cattle to finally become food;  God wants servants who can finally become sons. The enemy wants to suck in; God wants to give out. The enemy and all his ways are empty and would be filled; whilst God is full and overflowing. The aim of the enemy’s war is to draw all  beings into himself, but God wants a world full of people united to Him, but still distinct. -…. He cannot ravish, He can only woo”

– This piece of writing is out of the book The screwtape letters by C.S Lewis that I’m reading at the moment. (Had to change some words, but that’s pretty much how it is in the book)

I was on the verge of knocking out and just as I read that section my energy levels surged from 0-100 real quick haha… I love it, esp. that line ‘…He cannot ravish. He can only woo’ – in other words, God cannot make us love Him, yet He is always trying to gain our love. Gosh, it gives me butterflies thinking about how humbling and amazing that is; the One who is love wants to gain love!?…Wow. I had to share that before I knock out for real, hopefully it had an impact on you as it did me.

Oh, and if you can check out the full book ‘The screwtape letters’ by C.S Lewis. The book is made up of letters written from a senior to a junior devil. It’s definitely a creative and interesting way to get to know the way the devil wants to occupy everyday living, but I have to admit it’s a struggle to read. It’s hard because it’s written from the perspective of the devil, so it takes a while to comprehend what is going on; sort of messes with my head a bit. I was given it to read a couple of months ago but after a read the first few chapters I put it down and left it sitting for a couple of months lol. For some reason, I feel like I need to finish reading it, and I’m glad I am. Even though it’s a bit of a fight to read, I’m starting to appreciate the blessing of it. I mean, it might not be for everyone, it may not even be the way I am describing it, but check it out.  I definitely recommend it.  It’s almost funny as well, so don’t be put off by the way I’m sharing it to be.

The God we serve has everything in the palms of His hands, just remember that today.   Keep remembering that the Creator of the Universe is in Love with you, so you have all you need.

Enjoy the new week! God Bless!

Good Morning!

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My God,

Create in me a heart to keep seeking You in the dusk of difficult graces.

Clear my cloudy moments and as You did for Moses lead me to the peak that goes higher than I.

There, I want to surrender to You my situations, in return for the strength to endure the moments You are calling me to dig deeper into the soil of Your immeasurable Love.

In Jesus, I find my victory! So when I am walking behind Him, remind me that I am equipped to handle all challenges, and any struggle; remembering always that any disappointment, discouragement, distress, doubt and depression is of the enemy, who lingers on every vulnerable opportunity. 

Strip me from my own efforts to understand Your plans for me.  Remind me always that every moment is a moment waiting to meet with the Presence that is You.

Seasons will change, but You God will always remain the same!

 Thank-you Lord, thank-You for Your saving Grace!