Month: July 2015

Good Morning!

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Dear Jesus,

Thankyou for being a God who is Omnipresent!

Thankyou for making everything about me important to You!  Thankyou Lord for everything that makes me see You. Thankyou for everything that challenges me to towards You.

I know that whereever I will be, You will also be! 

I love you, and today like every other day, I am needing You.  

In Your Holy and Mighty name,



The gift of peace.

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When I think of God’s peace the best way I can define it is in the way I feel when it’s just me and Him. Peace to me is being in that moment of ‘knowingness’; knowing that after all is done I’ll still have Jesus, He’ll still be there reassuring me that I can leave it all at the foot of His cross.  Peace is beautiful.  It’s almost indescribable when I think of the moments when it’s just me and Jesus in our back and forth conversations at 2 in the morning lol.    Sometimes, peace is the moment when I can no longer take life too seriously; like when I’m too caught up in ‘the journey’ instead of just enjoying God in the moment.

Peace is so important to understand.  I learnt that when I came across the article I read called ‘The gift of Peace’.  I so recommend the read! Even if you know what it all means, read the article as encouragement.  The length of the article is besides the point, but  if you aren’t one for long read’s, try and read it a section at a time until you’re finished – I’m actually speaking to myself in this one as well lol, because skim reading is one of my worst habits hehe

Here’s the link to the article : The Gift of Peace – enjoy it!

God Bless