Month: August 2015

The growing seed. 

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This time a year ago, I was sitting on my couch afraid because I doubted how God was ever going to use someone like me; a girl who has to grasp just to stay afloat.  I remember sitting on my couch this time last year too scared to press ‘publish’ on my first blog because I didn’t see what purpose it would bring or if I’d last blogging- funny as God is, a year later I’m still doing it, still not understanding how God managed to bring this blog this far.

I can go on and on about the journey, but what I am so thankful for is that God blessed me with a platform to express Him intimately with everyone.  I often have moments where all I don’t want to do is blog 😕 but I have to admit that above all the amazing things I experience,  there is nothing more fulfilling than encouraging believers to continue their walk to the finish line, and to encourAge non-believers to get to know God, who is living and is very real!

At the bottom of my name at the top of my site is the bible reference Mark 4: 26-29 – the parable of the growing seed.

26 Jesus went on to say, “The Kingdom of God is like this. A man scatters seed in his field. 27 He sleeps at night, is up and about during the day, and all the while the seeds are sprouting and growing. Yet he does not know how it happens. 28 The soil itself makes the plants grow and bear fruit; first the tender stalk appears, then the head, and finally the head full of grain. 29 When the grain is ripe, the man starts cutting it with his sickle, because harvest time has come. 

In many ways I love this because it illustrates an unexplainable glory about God that inspires me.   The parable describes what the Kingdom is like.  I can’t help but think that its what God’s power, grace and kindness  is like.  – He is the soil of all good things, love, mercy, healing, joy, and strength. In spite of who we are, or where we’ve come from, we are His seeds. He  planted us in this soil as seeds gracefully scattered into the richness of Him.     His intention is that in Him we will never be uprooted.  His intention is for us to grow, and bear the fruits of His love, of everything that He is.    “A man scatters his seed in his field. He sleeps at night, is up and about during the day, and all the while the seeds are sprouting and growing. Yet, he does not know how it happens.” –  if from one plant is more seeds, imagine what it will be like when we are scattering our seeds? Sacraficially, Christ becomes the foundation that we build from so we can reach harvest, alive in Him, free in Him!   – whose soil are you rooted in?   What fruit are You bearing? Where are You scattering Your seeds?


Thankyou God for all You are and all that You are doing!  Thankyou for this opportunity to write blogs, it’s only been a year but it has been a year of growth in my relationship with You.

Bless the reader of these posts, speak to them in a way only You know how.    Amen!


Good Morning! 

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Dear Jesus,

I pray over my thought-life. Help me to claim Your Word above my feelings and emotions.   Help me to nourish my thoughts by being active in Your works, Lord. Help me to nourish the thoughts of others by sharing and acting on Your love and Grace. 

Bless Your name Jesus, 


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My morning at the Tyburn Monastey in   Bombay, AuckLand. 💕



Testimony: He has destined you! 

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My sister Chante is 19 months younger than me. She is not only strong-willed but she is what we call a ‘go-getter’. God already knows about all the times I’ve asked Him to ‘fix’ my siblings because they get so annoying 😂😓 but He also knows that I’m most thankful for through their journeys I am constantly reminded about His faithfulness and Holiness.

Heres a testament of Chante’s journey:  Chante’s academic journey through high school was a struggle to her. She couldn’t see many options for career choices. Her grades for her performing arts class were good and so she limited herself to pursing a career in performing arts because that’s what she thought she could only do.  In 2011 an ambulance was called to our home because our grandmother had become very sick. Amongst all the panic we were experiencing worried for our grandmother, we hadn’t known that it was that visit by the paramedics that changed Chante quite amazingly. She had become so intrigued by the work of the paramedic I remember her turning to me with these words: “I really love what they do, I want to be one.” – it was no surprise that just after that experience, Chante decided to pursue that interest. She went back to school only to be told that her desire to be a paramedic was out of the picture. This was confirmed when the careers worker told her that it was best to consider another career path because she was not taking the subjects needed to enter the degree in  University. This crushed Chante. What crushed her even more was that her teacher even tried to talk her out of the idea.

God is amazing in blessing Chante with a courageous spirit that ignored the odds and walk anyway. God had shown her that His plans for her life were different to what she thought was true.  God made her see that life wasn’t about the “terms and conditions” of the world, it was about Him; He is the alpha and omega. A long story short, after Chante graduated from high school she still wanted to pursue her desire to be a paramedic and so applied to a foundation year.  In the process, she also applied for the degree in paramedicine hoping that just maybe, she had a chance.   After praying and asking of God’s will not hers, miraculously and under the grace and favour of God, she got a call back for an interview. After a couple of hours in the interview with the head of department, Chante was accepted into the degree….

It’s only fitting that I say this: When God has a plan over your life, there is nothing that can go against that. What I find amazing about Chante’s journey is that God had wiped out any expectation she had, or others had over her journey.  We often limit God subconsciously sometimes because of what ‘we’ can see. It’s easy to believe what statistics tells us, or what people say , because they’re physically present. Yet, how convinced are you when it’s the scriptures and the Holy Spirit that have told you that God has destined you, distinctly to a future? Chante’s journey is evidence that God will overcome all obstacles that threatens His destiny for us.

I want to encourage you to read ‘The Battle Of Jericho’ told in Joshua 6 of the bible.   I won’t go into the story, but read through and write down or think about how God was Faithful in those circumstances.   The story reminds me that some times, what God can ‘possibly’ do becomes unrealistic because the challenge is too big, or the chances of things working out is slim.   Read the story and appreciate that it’s in your obedience to God you will have the walls of your doubts fall, and God’s plan will triump. Being obedient may mean that you not give up on a desire God may have planted in your heart. Being obedient may mean that you put  your expectations aside and walk by Faith and not by sight.

My sister’s journey encourages me all the time!  When she got accepted into the degree she was then anxious about the fact she hadn’t taken science before, but God had equipped her so well it was the least of her concerns He blessed her with the tools she needed to pass her papers well. It’s amazing, when you give God your best, He does the rest! 🙏


Tay, your perseverance and courage is a blessing to me! I know it hasn’t been an easy journey for you, but gosh I am so proud that you kept going! God has never failed you and for as long as You keep seeking His kingdom; He will guide you through the rest….  happy 21st Birthday!!! Love you!