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I’m currently reading through the book of exodus and I really wanted to share an experience I had when I finished reading chapter 16 last night.  

Before I read exodus 16, I was a busy-bee in my thoughts and emotions about current circumstances and the journey.  I read chapter 16 and could declare by the end that:

1. God listens to every grumbling or complaint we give Him (Exodus 16:9). The Israelites wanted to return to the place they were saved from because they weren’t satisfied in their journey to the promised land. They were willing to turn back rather than wait faithfully on Gods divine timing.  – I said, ‘ok God, by trying to constantly figure you out, I’m starting to sound like an Israelite… Grumbling as if You don’t already know what you’re doing’. My favourite thing about the verse is that though I complain and grumble at times, He still listens 😄

2. Jesus is the sacrificed Manna, and He is… Enough. Obedience meant that the Israelites needed to trust that God had already given what they needed and until they reached ‘the Destination’ they needed to believe that all He provided was exact.  Those who took more bread than they needed, and those who didn’t rest when God instructed them to, ended up being disappointed. – I was starting to realise how My situation related to chapter 16, amazed at Gods appointed time.  I thought, ‘oh ok God… When I’m trying to figure out what You’re up too, or when I’m getting anxious about what ‘isn’t happening’… What I’m actually doing is taking more than I need.’  God has called me to ‘A Destination’, I will eventually get there… But it’s so important that I be fully satisfied, (full, content) in the journey, in His Manna, for what I have and where I am now. The bread of Life is Jesus, and partaking in Him daily, is as fully satisfied as I can get… Nothing else will quench.

3. The last part of that chapter encouraged me to post this.  The manna was to be remembered as a testimony to when God heard the cry of the Israelites in the desert of sin, and brought them out of Egypt. The Israelites continued to eat of the manna until they reached the borders of their destination (which lasted for 40years).  I was reminded that Jesus didn’t require much of me but that I stay faithful to Him and joyous with all that He is to me.  It’s important to not only share His greatness with others, but to enjoy my journey;  Even if there are more speed bumps than expected… God doesnt want me to arrive to ‘the destination’ (whatever or wherever it is) having missed the beauty, and fun of getting there.
Christmas is around the corner and its the only time for a long time to embrace the Christmas spirit and everything this time embodies. Don’t worry about what’s not happening, if anything I’m woking on just enjoying and making the most of it hehe hope the prep time has been good! 

God bless! 


Jesus, the mediator. 

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Thinking of God as a Head Commander instead of my loving, Father was exhausting. This image of God sitting above the earth and stars watching from the Heavens drew out a false distance between Him and I. In the moments when I could no longer keep looking up, I was tempted to let go of Gods hand because it felt too far away for my grasp. Thinking as Jobs friend Eliphaz did in Job 22: 12-14 – wondering whether God was actually listening because He was infinitely exhalted… Too far beyond me.
Quite often, God is depicted as a Mountain, a peak to high to reach. In a good head space, in fitting conditions  it’s easy to climb that mountain to Him and make it to the peak without being  challenged beyond our ability.   But when adversity, too hard to understand, or ‘outside our level of function’ is put in place,  that peak we envision God being at becomes too hard to reach, almost impossible. It gets to the point where in our exhausted minds, the verses in the bible depict God as the Head commander standing from the top; Screaming out proverbs 3:5-6, Jeremiah 29: 1, Romans 12: 12, Matthews 11 ….. And like a difficult gym session, our bodies and spirits give in… And we settle for “whatever”. 

I remember a time when I got into a argument with my mum.  It was over a reoccurring problem; I’ve come before God over this particular situation more than once, so when we started fighting about it again it had got to a point where I couldn’t look up anymore. Thinking things like “Lord, where are you!? It’s getting too hard to stay focussed on You…. It’s too hard to continue doing what you need me to do.” – I exhausted myself out, until I realised and thought:  ‘wait, holdon…. Why was I making God the mountain too hard to climb and not the challenge itself? God wasn’t the Head commander demanding from the top, nor was He sitting at the highest peak waiting for me to ‘eventually get there’.  He was Isaiah 14: 12- 15 : the King of Babylon, who is exhalted far beyond the stars, but came down anyway to meet with us…… The King of kings who came from the Heavens to walk this journey for me. To suffer the worst of it on my behalf.  To endure for me. To lead and guide, and get me over the mountain; over any mountain (relationships,  insecurities, health, finances, stress, exhaustion) because He had done so Himself. He was Jesus. 

The reality is,  God had already walked the earth I did, not as a Head Commander, but as My Father. In those moments when I felt He was too far from my reach, I was too overwhelmed to notice that, there was Jesus, the mediator, already carrying the load I tried to carry myself. 

There are times when yes, it is quite easy to think of God too far away from your present trials, and tribulation.  In this post I want to encourage you to think of God as Your friend: closest to You when youre going through struggles. I want you to see God as Your Father; quick to forgive and So full of Love. Look to Him as Your main source of provision;  it might not seem like God can provide “such and such” for whatever You’re going through, but He never fails. Has God ever disappointed You!? 

Be it what you may, but always remember that God’s just as much Ours as He is the God of All Creation . Don’t struggle alone, don’t fight it alone ….cry as much as it takes until You’re ready to grab Him by the hand. It will take a prayer of maybe a couple words…. But do it! Faith as small as a mustard seed moves mountains! 

Stay blessed, and enjoy the beginning of the end to what I would say has been a very awesome, tiring lol, but blessed 2015!