Month: January 2016

Good Morning!Β 

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Dear Jesus, 

Thank you for a new day! 

Thankful Lord that even when I’m so wrapped up in my own way of living, even when I’ve failed to do my part, You are still so faithful, so merciful! 

In need of you this morning.  Strength for disciplin, and Confidence in Your ways over mine is what I need God.  Guard my heart, and bless those who are also in need of You this day. 

I love you. 


Manukau View, Auckland.

🌺 His joy is new each morning! 

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Flowers are seriously the most beautiful things! As a joke I always tell my friends that one day I’ll have my dream garden flourishing different plants… But as they all know, I can’t comitt to replying to their texts or make time, so imagine me maintaining a garden!? πŸ˜‚ I wish and still dream of it though… To build my house in front of a Botanical so at least I can enjoy the garden minus the work that goes into it. Hahaha… That’s sounds so terrible, but my point is: flowers have such a beauty about them. Isn’t is interesting how from a single seed you get this stalk, doesn’t look so pretty initially, and then when the time comes you get this beautiful flower!? – I amaze myself thinking about it… The colours, the fragrance… It’s so cool hehe

In the last few days I’ve had repetitive messages about seeds and the harvest. Probably is God trying to tell something, but just quickly I thought I’d share a couple of the messages I got consecutively this week which stood out: 

1. During a famine. Like I was saying before, there’s a period where you don’t see any flowers blossom, and so the plant/tree doesn’t look as pretty, looks a little empty. At times, that’s us in present trials.  We experience certain moments where we feel nothing is going right, or happening, things seem ‘dry’. For me; I feel spiritually tired, because I think Gods gone silent, or I feel I’ve been in a certain season for too long.  If that’s you right now, hang in there!  Like every plant, eventually there’s a blossom… Or like every crop… In the right time, there’s a Harvest! If You decide to give in or give up, you’re causing your plant to wither. 

2. The second message I got about this was to maintain your seeds! How do we maintain our seeds? We first make sure our Soil is right. The most nourishing soil to plant your seeds in is in God: if you’ve surrendered everything to Him in prayer, then you’ve planted your seeds in the best soil.  Your next job is to maintain the growth of your seed by watering it with some gratefulness, trust, forgiveness, kindness, and the bible.  Do that daily, for  joy is new each morning! 

I wasn’t suppose to make this post as long as it is… I’m honestly working on reducing my word count haha… *typical girl πŸ˜‚. 

Anyway, i thought To share that! God literally just affirmed and confirmed what my season is like… And it’s something along those lines. I won’t lie, it’s a fight to stay focussed; often I wonder if what I’m doing is His Will, or what that actually looks like.   But  what’s been so helpful is finding the grace moments in the day and trusting that it’s God up to something – incognito as they say 😊 

Have a good day today! 

God bless! 🌼

Good morning!Β 

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My nephews prayer went something like this tonight: 

“Dear God, thank you for the plants that grow and keep the people alive. Thank you for the whole world, it doesn’t matter if it’s bad or cold, thanks!” 

 – Indeed, thank you Jesus for the things as small as the plants, and things as big as our world! Please Jesus, in everything small or big, help us to see You and fight to, to be a little more grateful, a little more joyous and all the more loving of everything around us! 

                    We love you! 


St Heliers, Auckland



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6 days into the new year, I’m hoping it’s been good!  I hope that you’ve brought with you in this year all the lessons, joys, blessings that 2015 offered!

 If i were to title my 2015, I’d call it: ‘my Grace period’ – I mean, everyday is a grace period, but for me… The whole year had been one where God allowed me to focus on the things that affected me the most. I was definitely stretched, challenged, but most importantly, God had stripped me, peeled back my layers in order that I see more confidently that He had Already taken residence in me- it’s been so good, so refreshing! 

I share that because I’m convinced, even more so, that Life is fully satisfied and alive in Jesus! So much of me hopes 2016 is your year of discovering more about God!  Someone reminded me just before the New Year of how important it is to not only be grateful, but to Go to God because that’s all He requires… A willing, maybe shattered, flawed heart, in its entirety! No one is perfect, no one is winning at a race to the finish line…. Jesus died because we are (believer or not) the same to Him: sinful and in need of help.  

One of the things I fear the most is the thought of missing an opportunity, an open door and live in the ‘what-ifs’. It scares me, and yet sometimes I’m the one I usually refer to when I describe a person too afraid to make the first step.  I don’t want to spend too much time weighing everything up, or trying to understand it all only to run right past the open door. – so I’ve made my word for this year ‘Trust’. I’m going to trust by resting in God, and applying the importance of: action, kindness, consistency, humility, redemption and Will – because those were the words I was blessed with on the first day of this year 😁
I tend to target my posts to Christians and forget sometimes that there are people who have no idea what I’m writing about… Who probably don’t have any clue about Jesus or understand what the actual fuss is. .To my non-Christian brother or sister, there is a fuss about Jesus because it is set in stone, and there is evidence that Jesus suffered death for us all not because we have life figured out, but because we’re imperfect. He resurrected in search of us, He returned to revive a dead harvest – that’s you, that’s me. Try something new in 2016! If you don’t know Jesus, get to know Him. If you’re feeling like something is missing, i promise you’ll find it in God!  

Trying new things aren’t the easiest, and I’m fragile enough to admit that haha… I’m not sure what it is that’s on your heart, or whats going through your mind but how about making this year about going after the open doors? If it works out, great! If it doesn’t, then well, all you have is forward (and upwards) to chase but at least you know that you’ve tried it – it’s all about progression.  
 Joy, revival, love and Grace  is yours this year, God Bless! πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒΊπŸƒπŸŒΌ