Month: February 2016


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Father in Heaven, 
Thank you for the moments during the day where I find myself needing you, no matter the situation, Your arms are always outstretched! Please help me to see past my second-guessing, expectation and gain. Take away the things that I am holding onto the most so that by Your Grace I remember that You are more than enough. In the times I easily forget, remind me of what there is to be thankful for.  
Forgive me Jesus for when I had gone wrong. Forgive me for when I have replaced You. As quick as you are to show Forgiveness towards me, please help me to forgive others. 

Take this day as Your own, and if I come face-to-face with the enemy’s attempt to turn me away from You, guard my heart so that I take my stand in You who has already overcome All things! 

In Jesus’ name! 


McLaurin Chapel, University Of Auckland


God > me. #lent2016

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I was watching a sermon earlier, and Bishop T.D. Jakes shared that moments of turmoil aren’t defined by what the situation is, but more so how we feel during those situations.  Everyone has accidentally tripped up in public, but not everyone will feel incredibly embarrassed about it.  Everyone has faced deep hurt, but not everyone will respond to it the same because emotionally, everyone will be different.  Moments of turmoil, and challenges are a reality of life but you/me have a partial control on the way in which the situation will unfold.   You can either let situations overwhelm you, steal your joy, and reel you into a state of carelessness.  Or, you can hand over your troubles to the One who can go BEFORE you.  – Doing that second part is easily said than done (trust me, I know the difficulty all too well lol), but it can be done when you renew your mind to take God’s perspective and allow THAT to shape the way you live.  God’s perspective is found in the bible, in your prayer, when you call on Him (John 10: 3).

Don’t allow for situations to overcome you, and the way that it can is with a unhealthy mindset.  What’s your mindset towards; studying, parents, finance, marriage, church, physical appearance, YOURSELF, … etc?  Emotions, and mindsets go hand in hand (well, thats what I think anyway).  The way you feel in a situation will give you an indication on what you need to do about it.  In Mark 2: 21-22, Jesus explained that nothing new can be put onto something old.  I took this approach in my own struggles with my mindset towards myself, and my journey… in order for God to move me along, a renewal is needed.  God is not a God who does things unfinished, when He has something else planned, He’ll make sure I too am ready, fully prepared.

Its lent season! Like every year,  I never know what to expect.   I cherish lent as one of the opportunities to prepare myself for the rest of this year, and upcoming seasons.  For lent 2016, I find myself chasing new heights in my own personal growth, more specifically, a needed alter and edification of my mindset.  It’s been a sloppy, unsteady start,  please pray for me!  And likewise, I pray that at whatever stage in you’re journey you are in, you hold tightly to God’s perspective, and most importantly, remember always that you are incredibly loved despite the way you feel, or think!

God loves you, He fights for You, for Your Joy!

God Bless!