“she took her eyes off God, and focussed on the details… “

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Have you ever thought you had dropped, or lost something important only to find that it was sitting in front of you the whole time? Or, have you ever stressed over something that ended up not being worth the fuss?

“She turned her eyes off God, and focussed on the details” refers to the way I approached my journey.  I started to look so deep into trying to figure out God and  understand His ways that I ended up only pursuing my own desires.  My expectations of whatever situation I faced ended up outweighing Gods way – I ended up disappointed every time. 

Trying to figure it all out leads to confusion. Confusion leads to frustration. Frustration makes you impatient. Impatience makes you careless. Then when everything is at its boiling point, you’re left tired, not motivated, lazy, and vulnerable – vulnerable to the devil and his ways to distract you from the main focus: that’s God! 

As I reflect over Psalm 30 i imagine what it must of been like to be the psalmist being in that moment of full dependance.  I start to appreciate the joy the psalmist has in Gods faithfulness. As if the psalmist knew  God had to be the only answer, the only True Helper; And For that reason, He is to be exalted, and trusted. 

I’ve learnt that if you have to know the answer, try off-loading to God first, and then someone you really trust so you get their input for clarity.  Praise God that He is so amazing, no matter how distracted we become, His intervention when it’s needed comes instantly by Grace. 

God bless! 


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