You will find Him in the morning.

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I remember a night, I was so frustrated with myself; spiritually tired, spiritually drained, and deeply affected by my insecurities.  As soon as I was done crying, something led me to open up the bible and the first thing I had opened to was Psalm 139.  I read it out loud, with a strange feeling that all I needed to know, and the ‘something’ I was eager to hear was found in those words.  It felt like I had someone reading it back to me, and by the end, I noticed that everything I had allowed to steal my joy was silenced in God’s complete knowledge and care of me.

It is the comfort, and peace that I had felt after reading Psalm 139, which motivated me to share.   Moments of confusion, or feeling unsettled is not of God.  Feeling insecure, and unworthy is not of God.  Feeling worried, anxious or afraid is not of God.  I learnt/learning that when I focus my attention to God – e.g., in prayer, in thought, and in acts of faith – I will find that God is right where I needed Him to be, always in my moment.   I also learnt, that the devil comes to steal what I have – What do you have?  If it’s a joyful spirit that you have and all of sudden you haven’t got it… then think about what is happening in your life (situations, people, bad habits) that could be stealing that away from you.


Dear Lord,

May we find it in our tired spirits, or busy thoughts to stop trying to solve our own problems, and let it go.  May You help us to find ways of letting go, and resting in the promise of Your Word.

May we always remember that You know us better than we know ourselves.  May we find contentment and comfort in believing that we are precious to You, we are better than our challenges, and capable of moving forward.





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