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“she took her eyes off God, and focussed on the details… “

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Have you ever thought you had dropped, or lost something important only to find that it was sitting in front of you the whole time? Or, have you ever stressed over something that ended up not being worth the fuss?

“She turned her eyes off God, and focussed on the details” refers to the way I approached my journey.  I started to look so deep into trying to figure out God and  understand His ways that I ended up only pursuing my own desires.  My expectations of whatever situation I faced ended up outweighing Gods way – I ended up disappointed every time. 

Trying to figure it all out leads to confusion. Confusion leads to frustration. Frustration makes you impatient. Impatience makes you careless. Then when everything is at its boiling point, you’re left tired, not motivated, lazy, and vulnerable – vulnerable to the devil and his ways to distract you from the main focus: that’s God! 

As I reflect over Psalm 30 i imagine what it must of been like to be the psalmist being in that moment of full dependance.  I start to appreciate the joy the psalmist has in Gods faithfulness. As if the psalmist knew  God had to be the only answer, the only True Helper; And For that reason, He is to be exalted, and trusted. 

I’ve learnt that if you have to know the answer, try off-loading to God first, and then someone you really trust so you get their input for clarity.  Praise God that He is so amazing, no matter how distracted we become, His intervention when it’s needed comes instantly by Grace. 

God bless! 



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Father in Heaven, 
Thank you for the moments during the day where I find myself needing you, no matter the situation, Your arms are always outstretched! Please help me to see past my second-guessing, expectation and gain. Take away the things that I am holding onto the most so that by Your Grace I remember that You are more than enough. In the times I easily forget, remind me of what there is to be thankful for.  
Forgive me Jesus for when I had gone wrong. Forgive me for when I have replaced You. As quick as you are to show Forgiveness towards me, please help me to forgive others. 

Take this day as Your own, and if I come face-to-face with the enemy’s attempt to turn me away from You, guard my heart so that I take my stand in You who has already overcome All things! 

In Jesus’ name! 


McLaurin Chapel, University Of Auckland

God > me. #lent2016

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I was watching a sermon earlier, and Bishop T.D. Jakes shared that moments of turmoil aren’t defined by what the situation is, but more so how we feel during those situations.  Everyone has accidentally tripped up in public, but not everyone will feel incredibly embarrassed about it.  Everyone has faced deep hurt, but not everyone will respond to it the same because emotionally, everyone will be different.  Moments of turmoil, and challenges are a reality of life but you/me have a partial control on the way in which the situation will unfold.   You can either let situations overwhelm you, steal your joy, and reel you into a state of carelessness.  Or, you can hand over your troubles to the One who can go BEFORE you.  – Doing that second part is easily said than done (trust me, I know the difficulty all too well lol), but it can be done when you renew your mind to take God’s perspective and allow THAT to shape the way you live.  God’s perspective is found in the bible, in your prayer, when you call on Him (John 10: 3).

Don’t allow for situations to overcome you, and the way that it can is with a unhealthy mindset.  What’s your mindset towards; studying, parents, finance, marriage, church, physical appearance, YOURSELF, … etc?  Emotions, and mindsets go hand in hand (well, thats what I think anyway).  The way you feel in a situation will give you an indication on what you need to do about it.  In Mark 2: 21-22, Jesus explained that nothing new can be put onto something old.  I took this approach in my own struggles with my mindset towards myself, and my journey… in order for God to move me along, a renewal is needed.  God is not a God who does things unfinished, when He has something else planned, He’ll make sure I too am ready, fully prepared.

Its lent season! Like every year,  I never know what to expect.   I cherish lent as one of the opportunities to prepare myself for the rest of this year, and upcoming seasons.  For lent 2016, I find myself chasing new heights in my own personal growth, more specifically, a needed alter and edification of my mindset.  It’s been a sloppy, unsteady start,  please pray for me!  And likewise, I pray that at whatever stage in you’re journey you are in, you hold tightly to God’s perspective, and most importantly, remember always that you are incredibly loved despite the way you feel, or think!

God loves you, He fights for You, for Your Joy!

God Bless!






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6 days into the new year, I’m hoping it’s been good!  I hope that you’ve brought with you in this year all the lessons, joys, blessings that 2015 offered!

 If i were to title my 2015, I’d call it: ‘my Grace period’ – I mean, everyday is a grace period, but for me… The whole year had been one where God allowed me to focus on the things that affected me the most. I was definitely stretched, challenged, but most importantly, God had stripped me, peeled back my layers in order that I see more confidently that He had Already taken residence in me- it’s been so good, so refreshing! 

I share that because I’m convinced, even more so, that Life is fully satisfied and alive in Jesus! So much of me hopes 2016 is your year of discovering more about God!  Someone reminded me just before the New Year of how important it is to not only be grateful, but to Go to God because that’s all He requires… A willing, maybe shattered, flawed heart, in its entirety! No one is perfect, no one is winning at a race to the finish line…. Jesus died because we are (believer or not) the same to Him: sinful and in need of help.  

One of the things I fear the most is the thought of missing an opportunity, an open door and live in the ‘what-ifs’. It scares me, and yet sometimes I’m the one I usually refer to when I describe a person too afraid to make the first step.  I don’t want to spend too much time weighing everything up, or trying to understand it all only to run right past the open door. – so I’ve made my word for this year ‘Trust’. I’m going to trust by resting in God, and applying the importance of: action, kindness, consistency, humility, redemption and Will – because those were the words I was blessed with on the first day of this year 😁
I tend to target my posts to Christians and forget sometimes that there are people who have no idea what I’m writing about… Who probably don’t have any clue about Jesus or understand what the actual fuss is. .To my non-Christian brother or sister, there is a fuss about Jesus because it is set in stone, and there is evidence that Jesus suffered death for us all not because we have life figured out, but because we’re imperfect. He resurrected in search of us, He returned to revive a dead harvest – that’s you, that’s me. Try something new in 2016! If you don’t know Jesus, get to know Him. If you’re feeling like something is missing, i promise you’ll find it in God!  

Trying new things aren’t the easiest, and I’m fragile enough to admit that haha… I’m not sure what it is that’s on your heart, or whats going through your mind but how about making this year about going after the open doors? If it works out, great! If it doesn’t, then well, all you have is forward (and upwards) to chase but at least you know that you’ve tried it – it’s all about progression.  
 Joy, revival, love and Grace  is yours this year, God Bless! 🙏🏼🌺🍃🌼


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I’m currently reading through the book of exodus and I really wanted to share an experience I had when I finished reading chapter 16 last night.  

Before I read exodus 16, I was a busy-bee in my thoughts and emotions about current circumstances and the journey.  I read chapter 16 and could declare by the end that:

1. God listens to every grumbling or complaint we give Him (Exodus 16:9). The Israelites wanted to return to the place they were saved from because they weren’t satisfied in their journey to the promised land. They were willing to turn back rather than wait faithfully on Gods divine timing.  – I said, ‘ok God, by trying to constantly figure you out, I’m starting to sound like an Israelite… Grumbling as if You don’t already know what you’re doing’. My favourite thing about the verse is that though I complain and grumble at times, He still listens 😄

2. Jesus is the sacrificed Manna, and He is… Enough. Obedience meant that the Israelites needed to trust that God had already given what they needed and until they reached ‘the Destination’ they needed to believe that all He provided was exact.  Those who took more bread than they needed, and those who didn’t rest when God instructed them to, ended up being disappointed. – I was starting to realise how My situation related to chapter 16, amazed at Gods appointed time.  I thought, ‘oh ok God… When I’m trying to figure out what You’re up too, or when I’m getting anxious about what ‘isn’t happening’… What I’m actually doing is taking more than I need.’  God has called me to ‘A Destination’, I will eventually get there… But it’s so important that I be fully satisfied, (full, content) in the journey, in His Manna, for what I have and where I am now. The bread of Life is Jesus, and partaking in Him daily, is as fully satisfied as I can get… Nothing else will quench.

3. The last part of that chapter encouraged me to post this.  The manna was to be remembered as a testimony to when God heard the cry of the Israelites in the desert of sin, and brought them out of Egypt. The Israelites continued to eat of the manna until they reached the borders of their destination (which lasted for 40years).  I was reminded that Jesus didn’t require much of me but that I stay faithful to Him and joyous with all that He is to me.  It’s important to not only share His greatness with others, but to enjoy my journey;  Even if there are more speed bumps than expected… God doesnt want me to arrive to ‘the destination’ (whatever or wherever it is) having missed the beauty, and fun of getting there.
Christmas is around the corner and its the only time for a long time to embrace the Christmas spirit and everything this time embodies. Don’t worry about what’s not happening, if anything I’m woking on just enjoying and making the most of it hehe hope the prep time has been good! 

God bless! 

Good morning! 

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My Jesus,

I give you the desires of my heart. It gets hard sometimes to confidently wait on You. But I’ll do it God, because I know You’re faithful, I can’t do it otherwise.  

Thank you for making everything beautiful in Your timing…with as much of me as I can give you right now, I’ll wait on you Lord…



War room the movie! 

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I am not one for movie reviews, but I feel like it’s essential to promote the movie War room. I don’t want to say too much about it, but that I highly recommend the watch…and if you go, take your husband or wife/ significant other along too haha… Or even equally better, go alone 😁 

I really enjoyed the movie, enjoyed it so much I cried lol, but I suggest you see it without expectation.  I’ll let the movie do the talking… 

Have a fighting finish to the week! 

God bless