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hehe not too sure if people who blog start with a Hi, but anyway… haha I actually don’t know what I want to add in this post.  I started off writing a post on ‘names’ earlier, half way through it I stopped and prayed over it… only cause everything I post or do with the blog I want God to direct for me… after I prayed about it I was almost at the end of that post when out of the blue, the screen closed haha I hadn’t saved a thing.  Luckily though, when I opened up wordpress it had automatically saved my work… but I took that random close-down as a way of letting me know that what I had intended to post probably had a divine timing another day, just not today haha

Instead please read and then re-read the piece by Michael Spencer that I will add at the end of my post. This was an entry from the Word for Today app I had mentioned a few blog posts earlier, and it has to be one of my favourite piece of writing.  I’ll let it speak for itself.

But before I let Michael Spencer’s amazing words end my entry lol, I hope you have a blessed week! I hope you get bombarded with challenges, and suffering haha because remember, it’s through suffering we are strengthened in faith, and it’s when we are challenged and weak that we are strong 😉

God Bless x

‘There is one…mediator between God and men…Jesus.’ 1 Timothy 2:5 KJV

Michael Spencer writes: ‘The truth that Jesus is the one mediator between God and human beings knocked me to the floor and suspended me over the truth that God had done all things necessary for my salvation. He had paid the debt and become the necessary sacrifice. He had loved me to the uttermost. He had given all this to me as a gift. I had nothing to do but simply stop ignoring His gift and receive it. I was a drowning man whose rescue depended on stopping all efforts to swim and trusting someone who was not going to make me a better swimmer, but who would drown in my place. This experience…demolished the idea that I could be anything other than what I was: a broken, sinful, wounded, failing, hurting human being… To try to make myself presentable or acceptable made me less capable of receiving the simple gift of Jesus’ mediation on my behalf. Jesus was not clearing the road so that I could ride victoriously through life. He was becoming the road that would carry me through all the garbage, falls, failures and disasters that were the inevitable results of my existence. In trying to make myself lovable, I had been distancing myself from true love. In pretending to be a leading candidate for the religious life, I was abandoning the life of grace. In seeking to be a good Christian, I was deserting the truth that there is no Gospel for good Christians, because the Lamb of God was nailed to an altar for those who are not good, and who are no good at pretending to be good.’


Breaking Free :)

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I started reading ‘Breaking Free’ by Beth Moore.  I’m going to be honest here, and embarrass myself because I am not a reader. It’s not that I don’t like reading, I think I’m real fussy on what book to read, having the time to read, not knowing what good-read’s are out.  It’s probably why my grammar sucks, spelling sucks. But here’s to new beginnings right? 🙂

I had no intention to read any book, I haven’t read a full book since highschool :/  but this book ‘Breaking Free’ By Beth Moore was one I heard only once, a LONG time ago.  Actually, it’s one of the books that was quoted by the people who write ‘The Word for Today’.  and a friend said she was meaning to read and that’s how I came to know it.  ANYHOW, I was walking around my sisters house and I see this book sitting on her dresser, but I don’t think I’d use the word ‘sitting’.  It was more, ‘Popping out’ lol like in a weird way, trying to grab my attention hehe

I started reading it yesterday and not even exaggerating, in the first few pages the author got me.  Her love for God is breath-taking.  I can feel the passion in her writing.  But what’s more impressive is her knowledge and her ability to get to the point.

I haven’t finished it, probably almost half way.  I’m not even going to share all of the amazing points that she writes on, I’ll leave that for you to read.  I’ll post up what I feel needs to mention, and keep myself updated via the blog on how it all goes. It’s so amazing, convicting… and I haven’t even finished lol

I also have to mention, that today I met two young girls  and spoke with a nun.  The two young girl’s came from completely different world’s and we all just met this morning.  Through meeting them I was reminded that desiring God isn’t an ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ thing to do.  Getting to know God is done privately by so many people.  There is always people who journey with God privately, or shy away from proclaiming their love for God because it is assumed that loving God comes with a ‘certain image’…. as if you’re meant to be seen as ‘Holy, holy’ – let me tell you, that this journey with God can be as slow as you need it to be, or as fast as want it to be.  The main point is that you accept God, love him and TRY out this journey righteously with him. You won’t get transformed overnight, you may not even know how you change in the process.  It happens so gracefully. So, be bold and don’t fit into the crowd. If God has worked wonder’s in your life, admit that it’s His doing! 🙂

The nun I had a conversation with this morning said two things that stood out to me. The first was in the task of ‘asking’, she said: ‘If God says you need it, you’re guaranteed to get it.’if you don’t get what you have asked of God, then you don’t need it. Simple.” The other was: “You can’t be in the Presence of God and not receive anything”. Meaning, being in prayer, surrendering yourself fully to God, or even being around people who illuminates God’s Glory, you have to believe that you won’t walk away empty handed.  Whether what you walk away with is physical or not, there is always something valuable! #Truth

And finally, thought I’d just put it out there that I’m just as you. I am a sinner. I am tempted the same.  I do things I’m not proud of.  I have weaknesses. I can admit, that I need to read the bible more often than I am. And I have a story to tell on what’s allowed me to be confident in God, and be shameless about my love for Him.

I don’t share this to make you feel better, i share it because I hope to encourage you to believe that Jesus DESIRES you just as you are. All flaws and everything. He understand’s that we get afraid sometimes, he understand’s that we live in a chaotic world, he know’s your heart’s desires.  God know’s our human nature because Jesus once walked this earth, the same grounds, as you and I.  Hence, God know’s more about us, than we know.  He just need’s Acceptance.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend. And be blessed! x

Falling in love.

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I opened up my 2015 year by attending a midnight New Years Eve Mass.  At this mass, several things I heard stood out to me, one  which really stood out was when the priest urged everyone gathered that if it is something to remember on this new journey into 2015, it is to never forget the reason why we fell in love with God. To never forget where, when and how it all started.

When I think about this, I think about 2010 a time where I fell in Love with the Grace of God.  I was a 17 year old facing a lot of the same troubles and challenges our young people are experiencing and I needed God to seal this desire I had to be free from what was going on in my life at the time.  It was New Years eve and God took me to a place called the Tyburn Monastery in the Bombay Hills in South Auckland.  I was blessed with the opportunity to do a retreat there, but I wasn’t that excited that I was going.  Anyways, it was New Years Day and I remember walking into the bushes/valley/or forest whichever one lol and I had this weird feeling  to keep walking… I wanted to be lost among the nature, I remember only wanting to be alone.  I kept walking until I found myself at the corner of the edge of a cliff.  It was Morning, and dead silent. What was beautiful about that small cliff  was that  everything around me was dark because of the shade of all the trees, but the  spot where I decided to stop walking  had the most light, had a circular view  looking up into  the blue sky.  I was in the exact spot where the sun’s ray were beaming right on me.  It’s weird  cause I remember stopping there, and taking in the view and then having this need to talk out loud.  My talking out loud led to my crying lol then from there hearing God tell me let everything out.  To forgive those who hurt me, to surrender to him all of me  so that I could start again with God. So long story short, it was there that I let go of all my strongholds. I felt renewed and restored.  I fell in love with the mystery of who God was.  I fell in love with the joy I was experiencing knowing that I could only hope in him.  I fell in love with the way he managed to help me find forgiveness.  I fell in love with who I was in His presence, and knowing that my faith in Him, the Creator of all good things, was all I ever needed.

Ever since, Tyburn Monastery, and it’s surrounding hold such a special place in me. I call it home because it’s there where I can  be my weakest, and be re-fuelled all at once. i  2014 had been a roller coaster year. I was going through more tough seasons than I was use to.  Then in the last couple of months of 2014 I felt the most joy I had ever been in since 2010.

In the weekend just gone, I went to Bombay to stay overnight.   It was so fitting for how in awe of Jesus I was becoming in the CHristmas season.  As expected, I fell in love with God again.  All the reasons that changed me in 2010 was all the Grace I was experiencing.  I was surrounded with pray warriors (of different christian denominations). I met people who I felt knew me, but I had only met them.   I grew in my confidence in God.

If you made it this far reading through my novel, lol I have only what I just mentioned as an example of God’s transformation of me.  He may only seem like a supernatural force that weird Christian people pray to, but God is so much more than  that.  His Presence is what inspires me the most.  I have some much conviction in Jesus because I’ve experienced more of life through Him.  God’s not waiting for you to accept Him for Him to love you.  He is already trying to walk with you, even if you don’t believe in Him.  I   share my love for God not only because I want you to accept God  but mainly because it’s through a Jesus-led journey that you get to experience all the things you’ve never wondered or thought existed.  It’s like a first time mother who says that it is only when they see their first child that they love something more than they thought.  It’s exactly what it feels like being in God’s presence. I never knew how much more love I can receive or give.

My conviction in my Faith and belief in a living God is in the beauty of creation, it is in the most beautiful sunrise or sunset you’ve ever seen.  It is in the most beautiful views of nature you’ve experienced.  My conviction is in the love of family or friends.  It is in the beauty of Marriage. It is in the birth of a new child. In the experience of a Miracle.

For my well wishes for 2015, I pray for God manifestation in your life 😀

thanks for reading hehe

God Bless 🙂 

Ruth Bell Graham

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Thought I’d post up some beautiful pieces from poet, and author Ruth Bell Graham. Credit of course is to those who take the time to put in a pic form for people like me to read and be inspired by.

It’s also the beginning days of December 2014. I’m praying for a prosperous last-month-of-the-year!  it’s always the best time of the year for me. Christmas feels like the celebration of the end of a journey  and at the same time the start of a new one. Obviously everyone’s in that Christmas, family mood… Good-feels and just happy times every where lol

Enjoy the beautiful pieces of writing. ❤

Bet all the girls will love this one haha beautiful and so true!  Something I’d love for every girl to hope for ❤


Ain’t nothing like a mother’s touch, word, food, growlings, and love! 😁




And one of my favourites….


Suffering joyfully. #3

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This I think will conclude my posts on Suffering joyfully. It’s 230am at the moment,  and I was so close to just sleeping. Then I was lead to my Word for Today app ( an awesome app with daily scripture studies and Amazing writings for upliftment. Look it up on play app and check it out, download it even) 

But through it I was able to find a verse from the bible. It spoke to me and where im at and is the icing on the cake for what I’ve been posting on in the last couple of posts.
I took a picture of a section from Lamentations- the bible was given to my aunty in 1988, my aunty used the bible as her own and passed it down to my mum in 1993 (or earlier), and then mum used it to study from… It’s amazing when i go through it and see verses that they have highlighted and made notes on…. It’s Amazing how relevant it is in this day in age and to me; at a different time in life compared to mum and aunty.  I love it!

Here’s the snapshot of the section in Lamentations: 3 I came across, hopefully it brings everything together for what you can be going through maybe.


This verse solidifies so many things: if you don’t know of God, you aren’t one to Pray or be spiritual, or maybe youve been way to busy to Pray again and you’ve put God on hold… This verse says that God understands, and He loves you too much to not give you a million and more opportunities to begin again.

God Bless! x

All things are made possible because we believe.

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when I was little I use to believe that when my tooth came out and I put it under my pillow a tooth fairy would come and collect it in exchange for money or something nice. I believed it more because what I didn’t know is that every time I’d place my tooth under my pillow my grandmother or mum (whichever one was tough enough to move my big head away 😂) would lift my pillow take my tooth and put money or chocolate there. This one day, I put my tooth under my pillow and my Nana put a Chocolate bar underneath. Obviously she underestimated my intelligence lol because I recognised that the chocolate bar she put there was the one I ate before  I slept hahaha so I started doubting. And of course, I was pretty heart broken ….but in finding out that toothfairies weren’t real and all my fallen teeth were missing lol, something else happened that stayed with me for life.

My Nana took me outside with the tooth she took and told me to make a wish and to chuck it onto the roof of the house. Apparently it was a Samoan thing that was good? …. Anyways, I was making my wish (wished to win the lotto no lies lol) while nana was standing next to me and then she stopped me suddenly and told me to wish that I would continue to Love God and know a Love like God’s.

In my child-like thinking, I saw that one wish I was asked to make as a ticket to getting exactly what I wished for; so why was she asking me to wish for something that wasn’t as important as something like … Winning the lotto?  I thought, man … She was taking this Belief in God way to serious.

I look back now, and I get overwhelmed with why that memory is so vivid in my mind. What stands out the most to me was the amount of belief nana had in God. She believed whole heartedly that if I can continue to Love God, that was  all I needed above wishing on more money or getting something I’ve always wanted. She believed that my life can be full of riches if I loved a God who gave her the riches .

And what’s funny … Is that I never understood why she took God seriously until I started to see the way He intervened in parts of my life and changed it completely. Then what blew me away even more was when i opened up the Bible that was written so many centuries ago and saw that the same way he intervened in those peoples lives was what I was experiencing and what I was seeing in real life .

I get why people might think that me an.  other christians take this Belief in God seriously… But until you Believe that it’s possible to have a Love like God’s,  it will be hard to understand fully.