Here to help.

I  publicise the way God has worked in my life to encourage, and challenge anyone who reads (or decides to read haha).  So please don’t settle for what you read in my posts, go out and find out more.  Open the bible and search more into it.  Research, question,debate,  seek the tools available to you within your  own church… do what it takes for You to initiate a personal journey with Christ.

The mystery of being so public with my faith is that I don’t know how God will use my posts.  Someone might miraculously be changed, someone might disagree with me so much it actually flips and turns into a spiritual growth, some people might be bored reading, some aren’t phased… however or whatever the case, remember that behind the scenes loving you unconditionally, giving you life is God.

If you need someone to talk to, or you’re going through something big, let me know… I’ll pray for you, I’ll get in contact with you, I’ll reply. But let’s be honest here, I’m not a Dr. Phil, a miracle worker,  or special in anyway haha, I’m just willing to listen and be a vessel for a God who I owe my everything to!




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