Heaven went bankrupt. 

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When God sent His son to die for us, it wasn’t to excuse sin.  God loved us so much He did so, to save us from the pain and burden of sin.  ‘Heaven went bankrupt’ to get us out of the pitfalls of the hardest parts of this life. We are saved! That’s something to rejoice in, But… We  can’t use that to excuse us from what is right and what is good. 

The cross is the reminder of our worth! Heaven gave everything; The fullness of love was poured into us in the hopes that it would be sufficient enough to turn us away from sin and choose Love.  The cross is the reminder that YOU were worth it! It’s a statement to anything that’s ever hurt you, cheat you, consume you, or break you. A statement that God has conquered! 

The cross doesn’t take the sin away. Believing that Jesus died for You doesn’t make the temptations to sin disappear. Every day tests our spirits, so it’s going to be a fight to turn away from something you know doesn’t sit right with you. However, turning away from sin is part of the sacrifice that is needed to be the best version of yourself! 

God is so Real and He is Living. Living in your moment, right where you are now! Remember that. 

God Bless! ūüôŹūüŹľ


Press toward the real goal. 

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Philippians 3: 12

“I do not claim that I have already succeeded or have already become perfect. I keep striving to win the prize for which Christ Jesus has already won me to himself.”

Trying to think too far ahead gets tiring. Maybe it’s a girl thing, but like… I’m not even done with university yet and I’m already trying to plan my future life ūüėā Not that it’s a bad thing lol, it’s good! But then it’s an open invitation to the lack of interest I have in the “now”, like right now… I should be enjoying my sleep… But I can’t because my mind is on things that I shouldn’t be worried about ūüėā things  God doesn’t need me to worry about… 

So today, I’m reminding myself that in Seeking first God’s Kingdom, everything else will be taken care of.  Every day  there is a goal already set, And that’s the commitment to follow Jesus…

Then i think… Man Lord, give me the strength Jesus had when, despite how weak His body was after the brutal beating, enabled Him to still continue on with carrying the cross to the finish line. 

Thankfully, I know and still learning  that all I need is already in the One who won. If today, I don’t feel like pressing on… My best bet is to ask myself; what would have happened if halfway through the crucifixion Jesus gave up? 

I feel like God is saying, “Giovanna, press towards the goal… But don’t go too fast. I’m here, waiting to hear from you, pour into you, at all given moments.” ūüėĄ  

Have a good end to the week, God bless! 

Are you a Martha?

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Don’t you love that verse?¬† The amount of comfort and reassurance¬†Jesus shares in¬†these words¬†to make us stop life, and rest on Him who is life.¬†…. how refreshing!

I want to share some encouragement, inspired by Luke 10: 38- 42.  If you haven’t read the story, I really encourage you to read the passages before reading on.

Anyways, the passages tell the story of sisters Martha and Mary, who had welcomed Jesus and His disciples into their home whilst they were passing through the village. Martha was busy and distracted with serving, whilst Mary sat at the foot of Jesus.  Martha, in her toiling,  questioned Jesus as to why He wasn’t going to tell Mary to help her.  But Jesus said:

41¬†‚ÄúMartha, Martha,‚ÄĚ the Lord answered, ‚Äúyou are worried and upset about many things, 42¬†but few things are needed‚ÄĒor indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.‚ÄĚ

Instead of being still and rested, Martha was unaware her busyness was distracting her from Jesus, at the centre. When I read the story, I think Martha genuinely cared for Jesus and His disciples, but perhaps had her priorities mixed.  Here she is, being so busy and distracted with serving, she doesn’t realise that Jesus, the Son of God, was in her home, in front of her very eyes. As it is beautifully described, Jesus tells her not to worry, or be upset, because all He needed was her attention, and all she needed was sitting in her dwelling place, in front of her very eyes.    #heartmelt

Think about this for a bit and ask yourself, are you a Martha or a Mary?

I find that a lot of times in my journey, especially as a university student, I’m a Martha in many moments.  It’s so easy getting caught up in the moment, and  being bombarded with everything moving fast or happening all at once.   When this happens, I get like Martha, and miss the blessings and Grace in the moments of the day.  Or sometimes, I get so tired I hit the bed straight away, and forget to give God thanks for whatever it is that happened that day, or surrendering to Him whatever had occurred.

You can look at this story from many angles, and also ask yourself if the busyness you are in now needed?  Are you making Jesus the centre of your life?  Is it worth being so caught up in something that is distracting you from what the main priority is?

That‚Äôs why I like the verse in Matthew 11: 28.¬† It speaks in so many ways to me, and one of them is this reassurance that when we die to the world, and allow Jesus to lead the way, we will always find rest in Him. ¬†Being busy is a gift, its great! But, in between all that is moving with life don‚Äôt forget to pause for a sec, and keep Jesus updated.¬† Take Him with You in the morning before You start, or pray throughout the day… don‚Äôt let a busy life distract you.¬† God, I‚Äôm sure, is capable of running the world without us, but He makes it His whole purpose, to make sure we embrace the warmth and life of His love (Ephesians 2: 4-9).

 Have a good weekend, God Bless!!

How do you know God loves you?

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The same way I came to know about this song, is how I hope you recieve this post ūüôā

. ¬†¬†I remember a couple of weeks ago I was so spiritually weak, I felt frustrated with God. ¬†I saw everything at a stand-still, and I saw nothing moving, no change. ¬†My frustration was in God because I couldn’t see what He was doing with me and what He needed me to do, or even, where He was taking me. ¬†So I asked Him, ‘Lord, I can’t say much to you right now, because I don’t know what to say. ¬†Please reveal to me something…” And right away, I heard a noise at the TV and I turned it on to a pastor who asked His congregation: “Do you, really know, how much God loves you? ¬†When I tried to answer the question, the only way I knew how to, was according to my knowledge of scripture, and to my own understanding. ¬†But, there in my attempt to answer, I realised; I didn’t quite know, and I felt God tell me that in order for my faith to work, I need to focus not on how much I loved God, but on how¬†he loved me. ¬† But in my mind, how was He going to do that!? ¬†…..

I can’t answer that question right now because there’s more to this than I’m understanding. ¬†But ever since I allowed myself to rest in Him, He has shown me; ¬†so far, in the changes I’m seeing, in the peace I’m feeling, what I had posted about in the previous¬†post I wrote, and now, in the confirmation of the song shared by my friend- who probably didn’t know before she shared¬†it that it would inspire me to share this. ¬†It’s amazing, how alive things become when you see God in¬†everything. ¬†Even if You are someone who is going through a rough time right know, and this is the last thing you want to read, I encourage you; without making you sweep your problems under the mat, get on your knees and trust in your struggle! I posted in some earlier posts, that suffering joyfully meant that you believe that God cannot give more than what you can handle. ¬†I still believe He doesn’t, when it’s in His strength that you tackle your suffering. ¬†But, now, after my own fair share of problems lol, I also believe that God gives you more than what you can handle, not because He’s a mean God who demands that you do things a certain way in order to experience His love, but because He needs You at the weakest, in the moments where you are frustrated with Him, or lost, or empty.

So thankful I got to hear this song! Let the words soak you in a bit. If someone asks you why you believe in Jesus, why you believe in the Bible, you tell them the reason that has made you lay your life down. ¬†You tell them about the moment you got on your knees because when you had nothing left, God came and swept you up from any shame, abuse, lies, insecurity, temptation, guilt, confusion or loneliness. ¬†If they ask you, but how can you prove that our God is living? ¬†don’t give them words if you don’t have any, show them through the way you do life or hope to live life according to the gospel. ¬†Whilst you feel you have nothing to show for it, God is soo merciful that even the worst of sinners, He’s allowed into His kingdom!!

(As you can probably tell, this song has really spoken to me, lol, thanks Sonia!!! :D)

Have a good rest of the week! God Bless!

This new beginning. :)

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A personal reflection for this post. ¬†Feeling ¬†a whole lot of emotions, experiencing heaps this week and last. ¬†¬† I asked God for something new to change up the journey a little, for some new challenges, and He did just that. ¬†Easter Monday, I was sitting in aisle alone waiting for church to start, and a couple that I had never seen comes sit right up next to me. ¬†I was blown away with the total randomness of the mysterious couple, who took hold of my hand during a prayer, then hugged me like a familiar friend. ¬†Wanted to speak to them after church but I couldn’t find them. ¬†I know it was God, who used this couple to reassure me of the journey I’m travelling, giving me the peace I needed to go with Jesus in this season.

I’m totally thankful to God for this whole week in general. ¬†For some reason after Easter he’s turned me into a softy, lol because I’ve cried randomly more often than usual. ¬†It’s not that normal for me to cry, I’m usually a softy by personality, but try to make me cry, and I probably won’t. ¬†But this time, in particular, I’ve seen a light in the most unusual things; a lady’s smile, writing, just sitting still lol, watching my nieces and nephews… I’m thinking: well okay God, I’m thirsty for You but I sorta need my tears haha…what if it’s Jesus who is thirsty for me? ¬†Wanting me to experience this love, this confidence that He’s in every moment of every day…

Anyway, just out of the blue. ¬†I feell like sharing that I just watched the movie ‘Home’, the kids movie that has recently been released. ¬†I’m on and off with watching movies, again, like reading books, I’m sort of ‘those’ people; I’ll watch when it stands out to me (lol -_-) indecisive in the sense. But anyhow.. it was the Home movie¬† I watched when I took my ‘kids’ to the movies, lol… turns out, it’s an amazing watch. ¬†It’s funny, and fun, at the same time, portrays so beautifully the significance of friendship, love that comes from it and family. ¬†It portrays hope, and the hope that comes from mistakes… hehe sorta really passionate about this right now haha¬†¬†but do watch, iif it “stands out’ to you… haha But where was I going with this? lol

I watched this movie coincidentally after a week of being bombarded with family, but even more so, just as my brother departs the country to venture on. ¬†Me and my siblings are so close, it’s annoying lol, it’s the first ever time we’ve been separated with this distance, and I’m almost, slightly heart-broken that we won’t be all in the same room for a long time, but there’s actually something beautiful about what God has shown me, just now actually. ¬†I feel like God’s breaking comfort zones for me, for my family… big comfort zones, ones that I didn’t want broken, ones that I didn’t feel need to be broken… but¬†God says… “Giovanna, I gave you a spirit of power, love, and self-control, not one of fear” (2 Tim 1: 7), I’ve equipped all those who trust me with my strength (Phillipians 4: 13), and there are times when what I will do will go beyond your own understanding (Proverbs 3: 5-6); TRUST ME. I have the plans that will prosper you, give you a future, one of hope (Jeremiah 29: 11-14)…”

I’m still, and I’m rested that Jesus is taking me, my family, my situations, to places I can’t see, but my faith does. ¬†Jesus resurrected in our lives, and comes to me through people, in the unexpected events of my day… and I can’t help but boast not of my love for Christ, but His for me,for us. ¬† I’m¬†¬†so thankful God, so so so thankful.

Hopefully that offers encouragement to keep you fighting the good fight! Have a good weekend!  God Bless!!

p.s dont know if you read this Marcellus, but just in case you secretly do, I¬†miss you soo much! It’s hard to not have you here, but Im ¬†excited for you!! I hope¬†to get the courage some day to step out of the comforts of the good ¬†we got here, like you… but until then, don’t forget God’s leading with You. ¬†His love strengthens Your path, so all the best with this break through! Love you so much!!


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Only a few days to go, and the lent season for 2015 will come to it’s end. ¬†This whole lent season to now has been a journey that made me stop life for a bit, and really capture the difficulty of allowing God to strip me back, to make me realize even more so, the importance of living life with God full-time! ¬† ¬† ¬†I hope that whether or not you participated in Lent, you too are learning how to abandon yourself to Jesus and the ways of His love. ūüôā

As preparation for Easter, something on my heart is telling me to share the video at the end of this post. ¬†I can’t even describe how important, and powerful the message in this video is. ¬†Watching it for the first time, I had the biggest heart-check moment that humbled me to the uttermost.

The message is a sermon delivered¬†by Judah Smith, and for me, it captures the core as to why Easter is so important in the Christian faith! ¬†The video I’m posting is one of two I found on Youtube. ¬†The one that I won’t post, is the same sermon, but in that video, there is footage from the movie, Passion of Christ (I think) which goes with the words of the sermon. ¬† I suggest you try watching that if you are more of a visual person, but I warn you it’s graphic, the kinda graphic that is needed to emphasize the Jesus` journey to Calvary.

I wanted to post up the video before Easter, as a way to hopefully plant the need to appreciate this world-wide Christian acknowledgement. ¬†It’s beautiful that all the different Christian denominations celebrate a victory together and I pray that just as Jesus was able to, you too are able to die to old and become alive in the new!

Have a good Easter, and above the Easter eggs and day’s off, remember the reason for this season!

God Bless!

Good Morning!

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Dear Jesus,

Thank you for all our gifts. Every moment of everyday is a gift from You. Thank you for making us worthy of all that we have or don’t have. For bestowing on us the responsibility to use all these precious gifts for Your great Glory. The gift of family, friends, education, suffering, talents, creation, fresh air….

Because the lives we live are temporary, so are these gifts. I ask for Your strength Lord when You ask for my gifts back; I ask for Grace to use them wisely; I ask for confidence to use them fearlessly and I ask for humility to appreciate them daily.

Sometimes I forget that I have these amazing gifts Lord, and sometimes I forget to use them. In those times, remind me Lord that You have fully equipped me with Your Love, there is power to Your name when we ask!

I love You.

In Your Holy and Mighty Presence.